Why Support IDF Soldiers?

In their daily sacrifices, the Israel Defense Forces defend and protect the Jewish people anywhere and everywhere, and this is something we should be thankful for and support. The majority of soldiers serving in Israel are young men and women without families. Their loving families do not always support them, but they do their best to keep the place they call home safe. Some veterans struggle to choose a career after serving in the military because they lack the resources to pay for training and education. These circumstances leave immigrant soldiers in poverty.


The mission of Meir Panim is to educate, empower, and support IDF soldiers throughout and after their service.


Supporting IDF Soldiers: We Can Do More Together


To defend freedom throughout the world, the Israeli military is on the front lines. They deserve our support. What can I do to express my gratitude to the Israeli soldiers? As a small nation, Israel needs its defense. 

The best way to support IDF soldiers is to be sympathetic to their situation. As part of our mission, we have supported the Israeli Defense Forces in their fight against food insecurity, poverty, and hunger.


Meir Panim provides an easy-to-use platform for anyone who wishes to support IDF soldiers. Nearly half of these brave men live outside Israel. The IDF has approximately 7,000 soldiers living alone without anyone to look after them. Some of the soldiers in the ranks grew up in abusive environments, do not have any family, or had been abandoned by their families.


Support the IDF to Build a Better Israel


Whether it’s now or in the future, we aim to significantly impact the lives of IDF soldiers and their families. Donating to Meir Panim shows empathy and support for these lone soldiers. You can help us provide them with Shabbat meals or food boxes.


Every soldier in need is our priority, whether they are combat soldiers risking their lives or disabled veterans struggling to make ends meet. We do not hesitate to take action when an opportunity arises.


Support the IDF to make Israel a better and safer place.