Types Of Leather Shoulder Holsters In The Market

Finding the best shoulder holster is a big task but it’s also crucial to analyze the market and try to find the perfect fit. Based on different carry styles, leather shoulder holsters are designed using hand-craft techniques with customization.

Horizontal Leather Shoulder Holster

Horizontal leather shoulder holsters are designed such that the bottom or as called as the butt of the gun is pointed in the downward direction. It gives a natural and smooth grip and is easy to draw during firing. It generally comes with a harness, but in a cross belted way, to provide support from the back and also a small belt to fix the position of the holster firmly, looks like carrying a backpack but is very stylish and comfortable and the weight of the guns is not felt on the body of the person.

Double Shoulder Holster System

The double shoulder leather shoulder holster system is designed to provide a holster to hold the gun and also bullets. It will have on one end, a pouch to hold the handgun and on the other side, the bullet reloads holder.

The carry is shaped in the form of an ‘X’ which is a cross design with lightweight straps along with adjustable loops so it can fit any body personality. The harnessing is flexible and makes it comfortable to hold the gun. The leather used is obtained from the back portion of animals to manufacture the product with pure and fine leather of a minimum 9’oz.

 Vertical Leather Shoulder Holster

Vertical leather shoulder holsters are designed such that the gun’s butt faces upward direction while the firing end is downwards. There are few hostlers where the firing end or muzzle is upwards and the but is downwards which is not that preferable except for professionals. This upward butt vertical holster has more advantages than horizontal or any other orientation-based holster as it’s easy to pull the gun.

45-Degree Leather Shoulder Holsters: 

This is a combination of all benefits of horizontal and vertical models, as this is designed such that the butt faces the upward direction and the convenience of slightly acute degree implemented helps in quick access compared to vertical and horizontal models. This is most preferred by female gun shooters for its comfortable position and aesthetic appearance. Unlike horizontal, these are suitable for long barrels.

These are also available with customization such as padded holsters with break-preventing harness straps for flexible holding which are adjustable. This padding is provided for all the above-discussed types of leather shoulder holsters, with soft cotton material made pockets to protect the gun from misfire or any kind of corrosion.

It is a tedious task to find the right shoulder holster as it depends on multiple factors and not just only on the gun you own. Trying different holsters by visiting the stores in the market or booking a free trial or demo session on their website, can help in deciding which suits them best.