The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Access to Private Instagram Profiles Easily and Quickly

Have you ever tried to view a private Instagram account and been denied? You’re not alone. Private accounts on Instagram are designed to keep out those who don’t have permission from the account holder. But, if you are desperate to see what’s going on in someone’s private profile, there are a few methods that could get you access without having to follow them. This guide explains how to view private instagram account without following. 

Method 1- Ask the Account Holder for Access 

The simplest way to view a private Instagram account is to directly ask the person for permission. Most people won’t mind giving you access as long as they know you and trust you, so start by sending the person a direct message or an email explaining why you would like access. If they accept your request, all you need do is wait for them to approve it before you can view their posts. 

Method 2- Follow Them Under Another Account 

If asking doesn’t work or isn’t an option, another option is to create another account and follow the user whose content you’re trying to see. To do this, create a new account using a different email address and username than your original one (you may even want to use a fake name). Once your new account has been created, find the user’s profile and click “Follow.” In most cases, they’ll be notified of your follow request and either grant it or deny it—in which case you’d have no luck getting access to their content.  

Method 3- Try an Online Tool                                               

Finally, if neither of these two methods works for you, there are some online tools that allow users to view private Instagram accounts without having to follow them first. These tools usually require users inputting the username of the target account and then providing some kind of proof that they’re human (for example by completing surveys). The downside is that most of these tools don’t work—and may even contain malicious code—so proceed with caution if attempting this method.

The final option for viewing someone’s private Instagram profile is by creating a fake account and requesting access from them directly. You’ll need a separate phone number for this method since most social media sites require users provide real information when signing up for an account. Once you’ve created a brand new account with a different number, simply go ahead and send a request via direct message asking if they’d be willing to grant access. This method may not work in every case but it could be worth trying if all else fails! 

Viewing someone else’s private Instagram content can be difficult but not impossible if know how. Asking directly for permission is always your best bet; however if asking doesn’t work or isn’t an option there are other methods such as creating another account or trying an online tool that could help you gain access without having to actually follow them first.