Some head to head differences between cryptocurrency and bitcoin

The head-to-head differences between cryptocurrency and bitcoin can be explained with the help of a table:

Basis to make comparison Cryptocurrency Bitcoin
Chief intention Providing secure, safe, and low-cost transactions. Simplifying and augmenting the transaction speed but in the absence of any government restrictions.
Popularity There has been an escalation in the number of cryptocurrencies though their share happens to be lesser compared to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is considered the most well-known bitcoin.
Trade Lots of cryptocurrencies are utilized for trading. The use of bitcoin is confined to trading when you utilize it in the form of a currency.
Strategy The intention of cryptocurrency is the exchange of products and services in a highly secure and safe environment and there is very little or no interference from govt. or any middleman. Bitcoin aims to lessen the price of influencers. Again, it works for lessening the transaction time. However, bitcoin is less flexible.
Status Lots of cryptocurrencies that entered the market only recently tend to be transparent and so, they can work with various industries Bitcoin turns out to be anonymous and so, though people can view their transactions, they emerge as meaningless numbers. Again, they don’t remain in a specific sequence too.


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The working process of bitcoin

If you look from the perspective of a user, then you will find bitcoin to be similar to a computer program or a mobile application that proposes a personal bitcoin wallet besides permitting users to receive as well as send bitcoins. And this is the common process of the working of bitcoins. The network of bitcoin shares a public ledger and it is known as the blockchain. It comprises every transaction that is ever processed and so, users’ computers can verify the transactions’ validity easily.

The transactions’ genuineness is shielded by digital signatures and they permit every user to gain control over sending bitcoins from his bitcoin address. Again, every person can process transactions utilizing the computing strength of some specialized hardware besides earning a reward for this service. Most often, this process is called mining.

Reasons for trusting bitcoin

People have faith in bitcoin as it needs no trust. Bitcoin is fully decentralized and open-source and it means every person can get access to the whole source code anytime. Hence, all the developers from all across the globe can verify the working process of a bitcoin. Every transaction as well as bitcoin that is issued in existence can be consulted transparently by people in real-time. Again, people can also make payments without the support of a third party.

The whole process of bitcoin remains shielded by some peer-reviewed cryptographic algorithms that are utilized for banking online. The remarkable thing is no person or organization is capable of controlling bitcoin. Again, the network remains safe even when not every user can be trusted.

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