Physical Therapy With Robert Stravinsky


If you are looking for quality physical therapy, look no further than Dr. Robert John Stravinsky. He has years of experience and wonderful results for his patients. His clinic is located in the heart of town and offers patients a wide variety of services, including physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and more. In addition to his amazing skills as a doctor and therapist, he also knows how to work with clients on a personal level to get them the care they need.

What IsA Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a type of medicine that helps people with physical problems. Physical therapy may help you improve your balance, range of motion, and flexibility. It can also help you relieve pain and improve your quality of life.

What Are The Benefits Of Physical Therapy

The benefits of physical therapy include:

-Reducing pain and improving function

-Improving mobility

-Improvement in nerve function

-Enhancing circulation

-Boosting energy levels

-Helping you recover from injuries

What Are The Requirements For Physical Therapy

Physical therapy must meet the following requirements:

-The therapist must have a degree in physical therapy

-The therapist must be registered with a national physical therapist Association (NPA)

-The therapist must have at least 2 years of experience in physical therapy work

-The therapist must be able to provide written and oral communication in a language that is understood by patients

-The therapist must be able to supervise patients

What Are The Types Of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is divided into two categories:

-Sports physical therapy

-Myofascial physical therapy.

Sports physical therapy helps people who sport regularly. Myofascial physical therapy is specific to pain relief and dysfunction in the fascia or connective tissue, which is a layer of connective tissue that includes muscles, bones, ligaments, and other organs.

What Is Dr. Stravinsky’s Philosophy About Physical Therapy

Robert Stravinsky believes that physical therapy should be used as an adjunct to general healthcare and should be tailored to the individual patient’s needs. He also believes in using physical therapy as a means to improve function and reduce pain. In addition, Dr. Stravinsky wants his patients to feel at home during their treatment and to have a positive experience overall.

What Is Dr. Stravinsky’s Approach To Physical Therapy

Dr. Stravinsky’s approach to physical therapy focuses on improving function through the use of techniques such as stretching, foam rolling, and icing. Additionally, he aims to relieve pain by using local anesthetics or injections into specific areas of the body.

What Services Does Dr. Stravinsky Offer Physical Therapy

The physical therapy services offered by Dr. Stravinsky are a mixture of traditional and alternative therapies. Physical therapy suites offer a variety of services, including massage, exercise, and yoga. Services include:

-Massage: A physical therapist will provide massages to help improve the function of the body.

-Exercise: Physical therapists may offer exercise to help improve the function of the body and reduce pain.

-Yoga: Yoga can be used to relieve stress and improve overall health.


Physical Therapy like Robert Stravinsky is a type of care that helps patients improve their physical health. Dr. Stravinsky’s philosophy about physical therapy focuses on helping patients achieve success through the use of exercise and treatment. Services offered by Dr. Stravinsky include physical therapy suites, which help patients receive treatment in a comfortable and convenient environment; and physical therapy. By providing such an extensive and well-rounded range of services, Dr. Stravinsky provides his patients with the best possible chance for success.