Matthew Iovane Explains the Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Overseas

More and more people are investing in real estate than ever before. While stocks can go up and down, real estate tends to consistently increase in value over the years. While many people stick to just local real estate investments, investment professional Matthew Iovane recommends that people consider investing outside of their local community and consider investing in real estate overseas. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Matthew Iovane Explains That Investing Overseas Helps to Guard Against Inflation of the Dollar

Matthew Iovane understands the importance of safeguarding your investments against economic downturns. The market has many challenges, and many of them can seemingly come out of nowhere. Inflation is out of investors’ control and can have adverse effects on your portfolio. A way to avoid losing a significant amount of your money is by investing in different markets such as overseas. If the dollar is going through an inflation period, consider looking overseas for investment opportunities to help protect against downturns.

Matthew Iovane States That Investing Overseas Helps to Protect Against Local Real Estate Downturns

Matthew Iovane says that another major advantage associated with investing overseas is that it helps to protect you against local real estate downturns. If you only invest locally, when the market starts to turn down, all of your investments go down. By investing in other states, you can minimize this to some degree. But, by going overseas, you can avoid this altogether in many instances. For example, when America is having a real estate downturn, other real estate markets, such as those in Europe or China, maybe booming. Investing throughout the world helps you to diversify your portfolio and helps to protect your investments.

Matthew Iovane Says Investing Overseas Gives You a Vacation Home or Retirement Home in a New Country

Matthew Iovane explains that the final benefit of investing overseas is that you purchase real estate now in a part of the country that you love, and when you go on vacations or go to retire, you may already own a home in a place you love. This is especially true if you are purchasing VRBO property. When you want to use it for vacation, you have access to it. This allows you to buy a retirement home now, and avoid the risk of it being costly by the time you go to retire.

Investing in real estate overseas helps to protect you against inflation of the dollar, helps to protect you against local real estate downturns, and may provide you with a vacation home or a retirement home in a country you love. Matthew Iovane strongly recommends that those who can afford to do so should consider investing in real estate outside of their local region, including investing in real estate overseas.