How To Control The Stock Of The Physical Store And The Virtual Store

There has been a change in the way consumers search and make their purchases. Many businesses have started to invest in digital, which can cause some confusion when controlling inventory. This usually happens because it is not possible to make a control for the virtual store and another for the physical store. But together, a product may be sold online physically simultaneously. And now?

To avoid this situation, it is necessary to carry out meticulous stock control. All movements must be recorded, and the products with the most output cannot be out of stock. It is necessary to carry out an inventory regularly, as well as it is necessary to evaluate which products are the best sellers in a specific period. In addition, it is practically impossible to do a good physical and virtual store inventory control with a spreadsheet or notebook. Use tools that do this control in an integrated way or visit for more details.

Who Does The Inventory Control?

The person responsible for the company’s inventory control must be someone you trust. Many companies have a specific position for this, the stockist. Among your responsibilities are:

  • receipt of goods
  • inventory
  • reports
  • product storage
  • grade conference
  • This employee must have training for this; after all, the stock is the business’s main asset.

What Is The Role Of Inventory Control?

Business inventory is its main current asset. This means that everything in the inventory is money. And if there is no efficient inventory control, the business is losing money. When inventory management is being done correctly, you know what ideal amount of inventory you should have at any given time. This is because oscillations occur, such as seasonality or even promotions made.

When the store decides to make a promotion, it is necessary to calculate when it is intended and can sell without financial loss. But the stock must also be prepared, or you could lose sales due to lack of products; or, still, having too many products in stock is also not good. Learn online for more or click here.