Flowering Stage Tips for Cannabis


If you are a marijuana grower, then you know the importance of the flowering stage. It is the moment for which you are waiting for. And the reason is apparent; the quality of marijuana depends on this stage. Hence, let us understand the different stages and vital tips to adapt at this stage as a marijuana grower. People are indeed looking to buy cannabis online, but there is a demand for quality cannabis growers at the same rate. 

Different stages of flowering cannabis

Pre- flowering

Many people consider the flowering stage as a single stage, but there are subtle differences; it is essential to take care of if to get the best results. This stage begins when white hairs or pistils start to grow in the nodal areas. At this juncture, indoor growers set the light cycle to 12-12, which gives signals to plants that it is the right time to develop flowers. At this stage, it is essential to supply regular veg feeding and slowly shift to phosphorus and potassium so the buds can mature. 

Early Flowering

Now calyxes will grow, and pistils get longer. The buds look like round balls and come with white spines. At this stage, plants are in a growing phase and stretch as per the strain’s genes. The buds need P-K in this stage as well, and it is better if the temperature is around 23°C. 

Peak Flowering stage

In this stage, bud sites merge and form long green calyxes with white pistils. At this stage, you should give more amount of P-K since buds can grow significantly. As a grower, you must be careful about feeding and environment conditions. 

Maturation Stage

In this stage, buds will become large, heavy, and dense. The white pistils will become curl and turn into yellow, orange, and at last, brown. The trichomes turn from transparent to milky if you leave for more time, they turn amber. And this is the stage where you need to start harvesting. 

Best Flowering Stage Tips for Cannabis

  • Cutting the branches – Often, it is tempting to cut big branches, but you should only chop dead leaves and branches because if you cut big branches, it impacts plants’ health. 
  • Humidity – Indeed, the cannabis plants love moisture, but you need to keep the humidity at 45% in the flowering stage. Keep dehumidifier if the temperature starts to increase. 
  • Use carbon filtered airflow system – This ensures to provide fresh air that is needed for flowering effectively.
  • Avoid nutrient burn – The nutrient burn may become the main reason for your plants’ declining health. The overfeeding of the nutrient can be found if you notice the burn type forming on the leaves’ tip. 
  • Provide support for heavy buds – If the buds seem heavy, consider holding the buds up and bring them close to the light to maintain proper light exposure. 
  • Trim excess foliation- During the buds’ growth, many pro growers trim the leaves so plants can focus only on the bud growth. But you need to ensure to keep enough leaves to maintain plants’ health. You can do this around weeks 6 to 8 because, at this point, the plants concentrate on the development of the buds. 
  • Avoid light burn – The cannabis plants love the lights, but you must ensure that they do not become excessive and cause a burn. So, ensure the grow lights are kept at least 30 inches above the plant’s canopy. 

If you follow these tips, it is pretty much enough to yield a good crop. Following these steps, many pro growers are achieving success.