Billy Frank — The Owner of a Successful Production Company

“MIHP” Make It Happen Production is the company Billy has given all his efforts. It creates visual media solutions to translate brands and tell innovative stories that provoke a positive response. International brands, TV networks, and studios have entrusted their Process with safeguarding their impression for years. Financing in the lives and goals of our creative staff optimizes the client venture. Media Invested in Humanity and Purpose


Billy Frank recalls walking across the ball field in his first academic year at high school in Westwood, CA – seeing several mates playing for the high school baseball team. Billy was en route to his after-school job, like many young children from unstable households. He didn’t have the chance to play for the school team. He had to assemble ends meet, his father advised him. So, Billy was only able to play ball for Recreation & Parks teams after “making ends meet.”

Many years later, Billy started his own company in the entertainment industry, Make it Happen Productions (MIHP).

Billy realized that running a business is a long and rigorous road, highly competitive, and treated like an important game. Billy has been playing fastpitch softball, also known as Windmill Softball, for several years. He has won championships in a number of extremely competitive tournaments around the world, MIHP is a highly regarded creative service company, and he has seen a great deal of success. Billy takes great pride in every accomplishment he and his team make.

MIHP is a multi-award-winning international creative service company. Their passion for exploring sustainable living drives them to preserve a high-quality measure in the digital enterprise. Whether you need a professional in conferring, development, series exhibition, story, strategy, marketing & advertising, live-action, event production, or editorial, they guarantee the right innovative solution.  

Their attention to quality personal interaction brings forth the unique talents of the MIHP’s team. Since its foundation, MIHP has cultivated a family environment, and the ongoing investment in the lives and dreams of the staff members separates them as a company and as individuals.

They go to great lengths to support our staff in cultivating their talents and abilities. Their hard work and dedication are the source and secret of our continued success. “We are who we are today because of our team’s competitive desire to win. Do what you do best!” says Billy.

The Process of getting work done is described below:

Create It

MIHP develops, creates, owns intellectual property, and creates content for clients, from television series and digital integration to sporting events and feature films. They are focusing on innovative storytelling.

Produce It

MIHP is a content provider specializing in live-action production, marketing, and advertising. They produce non-fiction and narrative content. They collaborated with ad agencies, networks, corporate brands, and movie studios.

Post It

Clients count on MIHP to post-produce their programs, marketing campaigns, and everything. Based on their housing online & offline editing, motion graphics, sound editing, and finishing, they can offer the services at a fraction of the standard pricing.