Being an Entrepreneur: Are You Up For the Journey?

You are probably here because you might be thinking about starting out your own entrepreneurship career in the world of business.

What is an Entrepreneur?

In simple terms, an entrepreneur is someone who manages, organises, and assumes the many risks of businesses and enterprises. An individual owns and runs a business and takes on the responsibility of managing its operations. Some of the most common characteristics of entrepreneurs include being innovative, smart, creative, resourceful, and being a risk taker. 

There are many great benefits of being able to start your own business. Being an entrepreneur allows you to work under your own hours, on whatever you want, whenever you want. Abiding by your rules alone seems like a dream come true for many people. But let us dig a little deeper and look into the reality of it. 

Being an entorenyer means that you will constantly be dealing with ups and downs, you will come across failures, losses, many struggles, and it will take a long time before you actually see the money rolling in the company. The journey is no easy feat and is nothing like a fairytale story that you might have imagined. According to Andrew Morgan of Marknology, “Entrepreneurs are scared of all types of stuff and deal with more fear than most people. They just fear not trying at all.” and that has been true for all veteran entrepreneurs. 

What really helps you in understanding that you are really meant to be an entrepreneur is to observe the work of existing veterans like Aubrey Banks – a revered entrepreneur, lifestyle engineer, brand architect, style composer, and the A&R of Musicheads. 

Initially, Banks started off his professional career at the age of 17 when he opened up a clothing store “Remix Clothing” which operated for a few years until he decided to expand his work experience and started working for two record labels. 

Once he had honed his business skills, he decided to finally start his own brand, leading him to become the founder and CEO of Musicheads LLC which serves as a popular music production company that has worked with many revered artists such as Jay Z, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, to name a few. Some of the records his company has worked on includes “The One,” “Devil is a Lie,” and “I’m so Blessed.” 

Eventually, Bank’s continuous efforts to make his business progress, his management and years of expertise allowed Musicheads to sell more than 6 million singles collectively and be nominated for the Grammys. 

Some of Banks other notable works include founding “The Tailored Firm” which is a full-service management and marketing firm, focused on assisting clients in getting social media enhancements, brand ambassadorships, and diverse branding opportunities. In April 2022, Banks also founded another company called “Why Not Me,” – a lifestyle and entertainment masterclass where he shares all kinds of tips, advice, and guidance that serve as evidence of his abilities of being one of the best multiple stream entrepreneurs of our time.